5 Ideas to smash through the No’s!

If you’re feeling ghosted by more potential customers than usual—there are some quick solutions to reconnect with your avatars. 

Start talking to the right people! It can be so easy to fall into a trap of discouragement when all you seem to hear is: “no.” Follow along with these strategic initiatives to connect with your avatar and make more sales! 

1. Get your Mind Right

If you’re reaching out, connecting, and being consistent, but still getting ‘left on read’… first, check your mind! Stop discouraging yourself and tell yourself new stories. Change the narrative and speak the type of leader you want to be into existence. Remind yourself about the goal digging badass that you are! 

2. Ask Their thoughts

After you’ve reached out to prospects, find where they are struggling. Take the time to ask questions and identify their pain points prior to marketing to them. You don’t want to jump into Messenger and overwhelm them with questions, but be a good listener and communicator by asking about their journey.

3. Share Your Story

Tell your story! By presenting yourself and your passions, you’ll be surprised the things in you may have in common. Some conversations will lead points of discussion that relate to your own experiences and don’t be afraid to talk about who you are. Business opportunities will flow, but ultimately, creating that connection is the gateway to success personally and professionally. 

Always remind yourself where you started and how much you’re already crushing it! 

4. Ask them

This is the step that a lot of people don’t follow through on. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. Try using open ended questions, rather than closed questions that will only give a yes or no answer. For example: What would you do with an extra $500 a month or how much time do you have to work on a side hustle per week? Obvously you would need to finish with a closed question, for example “If I could show you a different way of providing you and your family with an extra stream of income, would you be interested?”

Don’t miss out on the chance to promote your biz and nurture the conversation. Get comfortable with sharing and chatting, and you’ll be able to share those passions with excited customers!  

5. Follow Up

There’s nothing better than getting a personal “thank you” from someone you have been chatting with. It reminds them that your prior conversations and ideas were meaningful and added value. Send a personalized ‘thanks’ through snail mail, e-mail, or even a LinkedIn message—you won’t regret it. 

Ultimately, stay on the course and keep showing up and you’ll find results in your business! Persistence and consistency are key in nailing conversations and connecting with even more customers than usual.

Get used to hearing.. “YES!”

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