Achieve More, by doing Less

I’ve been able to make four times the amount of money than I did in 2019, and I was working about half of that time.

How did I do it? Let’s talk about quick ways to skyrocket your productivity. 

I have a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) that I outline tasks that are to be completed every day. Working full time in the beginning of starting my side hustle, meant I had to utilise my time very carefully and not waste any time.

Take a look at your calendar. First, you want to be sure that you are time blocking different parts of your personal and professional life. Make sure to create reoccurring events for the things you do every day and every week. Even if it is already a daily habit, it’s beneficial to record the little things so you create a clear snapshot of the day ahead. 

Next, define your IPA’s (Income Producing Activities). So many times when I ran a Party Plan business from home, I could be busy, but not doing activities that would produce money into my business. I learnt about time blocking in 2002 and it created so much time that I thought I didn’t have.. lol

In order to get traction and increase your productivity, you must have a plan of what you are going to do that day before it even begins. Prioritize your tasks and IPA’s so when you have an available window of time, you can begin working on the most important tasks. The most important tasks will always be the ones that bring in the money for your business. 

Get really clear on what an IPA looks like for your business. This will look different for every business, but it’s important to understand for days when nothing goes correctly and you need to fall back on the most important priorities of your day. 

Do one thing at a time to be productive! Multitasking is a myth, it’s one of the worst things you can do for yourself. 

We, as humans, tend to do a lot of reacting and not enough planning. Stop fumbling around in your business and get serious with a plan for productivity to see results. Find a strategy that works for you and understand clearly your tasks for each day. Have a daily to-do list so when you get 10-15 minute window to work, check the list and reorganize your priorities. Grab our personalised TO-DO List here, that will help you identify your tasks, help you block time out in your and that you can print off as many copies as you need.

Identify one specific action, a non-negotiable IPA, that must get accomplished that day. It may move the needle more than all of the other things combined. This will help you to increase productivity, leverage your time, and work less. Get really clear and intentional on your day-to-day.

Whatever makes you the most nervous, go towards that first. It’s called Eating the Frog. Once you do that task first, as in Eaten the Frog, everything else you in the day will be easy. Break the bad habits and go head first towards the thing that scares you.


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